Registered Piano Technician


March 6, 2008:

Hi, Lyle.

We had another great pianist play here on Friday night.  I just wanted to let you
know that he praised both the piano and your work.  He said more than once what a great job our tech had done and that the piano really "sparkled". Thanks for taking great care of our piano and for contributing to the success of our series.



From a loyal customer and good friend in Newaygo, MI:

I encountered Lyle Wood upon being forced, due to inattentive service, to disengage a technician of considerable reputation and gifts. I was uneasy, not knowing Lyle, but he came highly recommended by a friend. I hold that friend more dear because of the recommendation. I now also hold Lyle as a trusted friend as the result of his sessions with my Steinway. Friends are a good thing.

As a composer, performer and conductor for well over forty years I have owned fine pianos and have had them serviced by concert-technicians that served world-class symphony orchestras in major cities. Never has my instrument been in better hands, never has it sounded better, and never has it been more satisfactorily in tune. Lyle is a Christian gentleman of the first order and, for my money, a world-class piano technician. Since I am well older than he, I pray he is the last tech I will ever have. God bless you, Lyle!

Robert Getz
Newaygo Michigan

(From a customer/friend in Fremont, MI):

I am the owner of TWO pianos built in 1875. Antiques take a lot of special care and there is no other person that I trust with that type of care except for Lyle. He has worked wonders on these ancient loves of mine. Lyle has been my exclusive technician for 18 years and I have absolutely no plan to ever change this arrangement! He is not only excellent and faithful, but very pleasant to have around for a few hours!

Bernadine Johnson


(And from my good friend and fellow piano technician Jerry Groot of Grand Rapids, MI):

Hey Lyle,

It's me again. I just talked with Cal from the church on 120th Ave where you met me a few months back to help me figure out the regulation that kept changing.  They LOVE the piano now! He said they have gotten many compliments on how much better the piano plays now since we did the work on it. Just thought I'd let you know...

Thanks again Lyle,



Once again, great job on restringing that Kawai grand at St. Pauls! I was very impressed. You know when you warned me on tight tuning pins, I was apprehensive about tuning it. But, as I began, I thought, WOW, very few false beats, easy to raise above and drop down. Not bad... Then, as I got further into it, I was so pleased with it that I was ecstatic! Lyle, brand new pianos are riddled with false beats! This piano hardly has any! Consequently, the tuning came out great thanks to great workmanship on your behalf!

Thanks again man! Talk to you soon bud.



(and a note from the pianist at the above church):

I don't think I ever told you how pleased I am with the grand at St. Paul's.  It plays like a new piano!  Thanks so much.



(Another note of recommendation from my fellow piano technician Jerry Groot):

Probably the best thing for you in this case, is for me to just give you a recommendation. I forwarded a copy of this email to a good friend of mine Lyle Wood who lives in Muskegon, is an excellent technician and honest as can be. We'll see if he's interested in taking care of it for you, if he has the time.

Lyle, can you take care of this for us?


(From First Baptist Church of Muskegon):


Thanks for coming over to the church yesterday. I quickly looked at your web page and will dig in more later today. I will be looking for your estimate and we will plan/go from there. Harry and Noel  were at the Lenten service last night so I spoke with them about the piano. They have nothing but praise for you and your work.

Juanita J.

May 18, 2004
Dear Lyle,

     What a wonderful surprise when I returned to the church this week!  I had been out of town for the week and had no idea that you had finished our piano.  I am very pleased with your work and very excited for the church.  They made many contributions to this project by buying piano keys as memorials.
     I’m enclosing a check for the balance of this project.  Please let me know if we owe you any more and when we should have our first piano tuning, and what you would recommend as a regular schedule for future tunings. 
     Thank you again for the beautiful job of restoring our Baldwin grand piano.  You will be mentioned on the plaque we will be designing for this project. 


(Testimonial from the above person after I completed the rebuilding of their church grand piano):

First Baptist Church of Muskegon, MI recently had their Baldwin model E Grand Piano rebuilt by Wood Piano Service. This piano is our choir room piano. Because of his expert work and craftsmanship, we now have a "new" instrument to have and enjoy for years to come. We felt Lyle's service was not only done in a timely manner but that his work was top rate. We trusted his recommendation to restore rather than purchase a replacement and we are thrilled that we took his recommendation. We would highly recommend this technician for all your piano needs

Juanita R. Joiner

First Baptist Church
1070 Quarterline Rd.
Muskegon, MI 49442


(From a customer, following delivery of their grand piano, which I rebuilt):

Lyle -
     We are thrilled!  Your work is truly outstanding.
     Please give a call at your convenience to set up our home appointment (for followup tuning). 

Steve V. 
Grand Rapids, MI



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