Some Past LW Rebuilds

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Click any thumbnail below to go to that photo in the Piano Rebuild Photos Gallery.  In the gallery, use the forward and back arrows above each photo to navigate through the gallery.  Click the “Up” arrow to return to this page. 

Baldwin E Grand #1

Baldwin E Grand #2

Baldwin E Grand #3

Baldwin E Grand #4

Baldwin E Grand #5

Steinway Model O Grand 1 .jpg

Steinway Model O Grand 2 .jpg

Steinway Model O Grand 3 .jpg

Steinway Model O Grand 4 .jpg

Steinway Model O Grand 5 .jpg

Steinway Model O Grand 6 .jpg

Friedrich Grand 1

Friedrich Grand 2

Friedrich Grand 3

Friedrich Grand 4

Friedrich Grand 5

Friedrich Grand 6

Kimball Grand 1

Kimball Grand 2

Kimball Grand 3

Kimball Grand 4

Kimball Grand 5

Kimball Grand 7

Kimball Grand 8

Kimball Grand 6

Knabe Rosewood Grand 1

Knabe Rosewood Grand 2

Knabe Rosewood Grand 3

Knabe Rosewood Grand 4

Upright Piano 1

Upright Piano 2

Steinway Small Upright 1

Steinway small upright 2

Steinway small upright 3

Piano Bridge Reconstruction 1

Piano Bridge Reconstruction 2

Piano Bridge Reconstruction 3

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